About Us

Dersie is a company that was founded with the vision of creating natural, sustainable, and effective beauty and personal care products that cater to a diverse range of needs

Our story

The founders of Dersie were inspired by their own personal struggles with finding beauty products that were both effective and gentle on their skin. They recognized the need for products that were made with natural and sustainable ingredients, and that could provide the targeted treatment that consumers were looking for.


With this in mind, Dersie was born. The brand started with a focus on eyebrow serum, eyelid strips, anti-wrinkle patches, and other targeted beauty products that were designed to enhance natural beauty without causing harm to the skin or the environment. They quickly gained a loyal following, as consumers appreciated the effectiveness and sustainability of their products.

As Dersie grew, they expanded their product line to include rice water for hair growth, Milia remover, caffeine eye serum, and other innovative products that catered to a diverse range of beauty needs. They continued to prioritize sustainability and natural ingredients, sourcing their materials from environmentally-friendly sources and ensuring that their manufacturing practices were eco-friendly.

Today, Dersie is a brand that is recognized for their commitment to natural, sustainable, and effective beauty and personal care products. They have become a trusted name in the industry, and their loyal customer base continues to grow as more consumers become aware of the benefits of using natural and sustainable products.

Dersie is a passionate, innovative and sustainable company. With a focus on natural and effective beauty solutions, Dersie is a brand that is sure to continue to impress customers and make a positive impact on the beauty industry for years to come.