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Eyelid Tape 400Pcs Premium Quality Invisible Eyelid Lifter Strips


LONG-LASTING AND HIGH-QUALITY: Our double eyelid tape is made of premier medical adhesive fiber, hypoallergenic and latex-free, protecting your skin without leaving any substance on the eyelids after makeup removal. The eyelid tape is invisible, breathable, and suits most skin tones, so it feels very natural to use. The eyelid lifter strips do not clog pores, no damage or pain.



400Pcs Premium Quality Invisible Eyelid Lifter Strips

AngelicMisto double eyelid tape is made with premium grade, carefully selected materials, being 100% safe and skin-friendly, compatible with all skin types! The special technology provides instant lifting results without any latex or harsh fillers!

This eyelid tape for hooded eyes comes in cost affordable and convenient packs of 400 pieces, 100 of each size, covering your long-term needs.

Long-Lasting Adhesion

Easy to stick on and lasts for a long day. Waterproof and sweatproof! Won’t fall off easily. Long-term use helps to form double eyelids.

Makeup Buildable

Lifting eyelid tape very flat and thin. Can be used over or under any kind of eye makeup without ruining your look.

Invisible Wear

The eyelid tape utilize invisible skin-like technology which allows for a comfortable and discreet wear. Your results will look natural!

Choose Your Look

AngelicMisto eyelid tape comes in 4 different lift designs, allowing you to choose a customized look depending on your needs! Choose between 4mm for subtle, 5mm for casual, 6mm for moderate and 7mm for a truly dramatic effect.


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